Private Party  

Marquis66 is absolutely the greatest. I have had the same party 28 years in a row but, this year with Marquis66 it was the
best. They got everyone moving and dancing. They knew just what to play and when to play it. I was expecting a Garage
Band and I got a concert!  Friends have been calling me for days to tell me what a good time they had and want more info
on the band. They will be back for my next party. This is a great group of professionals that really know how to entertain.

Larry S.
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Beach Fest

The Marquis66 band once again blew me away with their talent! Everyone was amazed that they were a local band I found
from Columbus. They were the talk of the night with three nationals [bands] playing after them, I realized I had made only
one mistake in organizing my show....that Marquis66 should have closed out my night. The nationals were even struck by
their professionalism and overall talent. Marquis66 see you in the NEAR FUTURE!! THANKS FOR A GREAT SHOW!!

Brooks Robinson
Robi Productions

The band was absolutely fantastic.

Lakeside Yacht Club

This was the second time we had Marquis66 at LYC and they were even better than the first time. This band is so full of
energy and life that the crowd has no choice but to get involved. Everyone enjoyed the music all evening and I''m positive
we will have them back again! Marquis66 is a band you can't go wrong with booking.

Larry Orlowski
Lakeside Yacht Club  
Club Event

They were great to work with from start to finish. Marquis66 play a strong playlist and kept with crowd dancing all night long.
We were very pleased with the whole experience . Thanks

Chris A
Wedding Ceremony  in Lexington, KY

Asked, and provided all services advertised and then some. The entire band is extremely talented. So many guests came
up to us just to note how great the band sounded. One guest said she felt like she was at a professional concert. Beyond
Marquis66 was FABULOUS. They worked with us cheerfully through venue and time changes, showed up exactly when just
being a very talented band, these guys also worked hard to make sure we were happy and that our wedding was a
success. When wedding guests weren't dancing, the band swung into action and started a popular line dance. They even
sent a couple of band mates out onto the floor to dance and get folks moving.

Eloise L
Wedding Reception

Marquis66 was an absolute pleasure to work with at every step! They were willing to learn not only our first dance song, but
also a closing number which were previously in their catalog. They provided their own equipment, including lights, and put
on a performance superior to every other act I've seen at a wedding. I had not one but two friends ask me for their contact
information after my wedding so they could use them for theirs. Their blend of music from the 60s-80s was the perfect fit to
get everyone at our wedding up and dancing. We're in our late 20s, as are most of our friends, and most of the family in
attendance was 35-65. Marquis66 had a song for everyone!

Patrick C